Hi! I'm Brooke, a photographer and mother of two boys.

I am a creative dreamer with an insane love for my boys, the
color red,sunny days, the beach and traveling. My ambition,
drive & dreams have taken me from corporate accounting
careers, to national children's photography jobs, to
photographing million dollar houses, designing national ads, and
owning three different businesses, including this photography
studio and graphic design business.

No job or journey has proven quite as awe-inspiring as
motherhood. Motherhood has inspired me most with my
photography, knowing how precious memories of my children
and our family are. I see the sweet firsts of my children, the way
they will never again be exactly as they are in that very moment,
the way time can be so fleeting. I want to hold on to that
preciousness, and the beauty that is them, just one more second.
Photography can do that. I love to capture children and families
and those whom I photograph as they are--being themselves, so
that when you look back at your images years from now, you will
feel as though you are right back in that moment. Sometimes we
don't know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. I
love to be able to see those small, minute details within a session
and capture them for you.
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