DECLAN – Spokane baby photographer

Being a baby photographer is challenging to say the least, yet all so rewarding. I think the biggest challenge is to always remember that babies have bad days too, they may not always want to smile, they may want to be done after 30 minutes, they may keep giving you smiles for an hour and a half or more, you just don’t know. While Mr. D. may not have given me all the smiles he had, the ones he did give me are heart-melting. I am a huge sucker for the image of him with his two big brothers. When you have 3 younger boys, it’s no easy task getting them all to look at the camera at once, let alone give you a good expression, but low and behold, THEY DID IT!!!! I’m so excited to show his mom this image, I know it’ll bring tears of joy to her eyes. Another favorite is of “all the boys,” dad included, so glad mom brought me a sample of this pose she had seen on Pinterest, as it turned out adorable. It’s amazing to see how much Declan’s sprouted up and has started losing some of his baby rolls now that he’s mobile. I think that’s the saddest part about being a mom, seeing the rolls melt away, I remember I almost cried when my son lost the only two thigh rolls he had when he started walking. It’s definitely one of the good things that’s also a little sad, seeing these beautiful babies every few months and how they’ve grown. Be sure to check out the Bebe Lux baby plan that captures your baby’s first year.

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