How to look great in portraits

Through the years of taking portraits, I always get several requests if we offer hair and makeup at the studio, and if not, where to go, or asked how to look great in portraits. Whether or not you’re into wearing makeup or want super dramatic makeup in your portraits, having at least a natural finish that includes foundation, powder, a hint of blush, neutral eyeshadow and mascara are key to looking your best in a portrait. The reasoning is because if you’re going to take the time and money to have a professional portrait done, you should look your best! Plus it’s a lot easier to make your portraits look natural and not overly Photoshoped if you have less than perfect skin if you have a good makeup application done prior.

Well I’m excited to announce here in the next month/month and a half we will have hair and makeup at the studio. The best part…the makeup will be the Younique makeup line. This is an all natural, non-gmo, paraben free makeup that doesn’t wear off easily, even in hot, humid, weather. Younique also carries a 3D Fiber Mascara that is to die for!!! This gives you over 3x the lash volume and length of any other mascara I’ve tried (and believe me I’ve tried a lot!!!). Just check out a few before and after photos below, ORDER YOURS HERE, and keep an eye out for the launch of this in the studio!

Here’s my before and after picture of using the 3d Fiber Mascara:

Younique Makeup

Younique Makeup

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