maternity portraits

Maternity portraits capture the special beauty and glow a pregnant woman has. These are the first portraits taken of the new baby and help tell the story of a life created. While I understand you may not feel your best during this time, cramps, bloating, swelling, unexpected acne, etc, it’s my job to make you look and feel amazing during your session. It’s best to schedule your portraits during 30 to 34 weeks, but this may vary depending on your frame and how you’re carrying the baby.

Sessions can be done at my studio or on location at a local park, etc. The portrait investment for baby sessions ranges from $195 – $495 and includes an in-studio or over the phone consultation, up to 90 minutes of custom photography, creative processing of your images and a viewing session of your portraits. Maternity sessions may include dad and your other children but the majority of maternity portraits feature individuals of you and about 6 to 8 poses with dad, 2-3 of the family and 3-4 of the siblings and you if desired. Payment plans are available for portrait orders, however, images will not start to be processed until 50% of payment has been made and images wont be delivered until payment is made in full.


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any questions you might have. If you have any other questions or concerns please give the studio a call.

When is the best time to take maternity portraits?
It’s suggested to do your maternity session between 30 to 34 weeks. This is when the belly is nice and round but you’re still able to move around fairly easily.

How much do maternity portraits cost?
A typical maternity session is $165 – $495 depending on what digital package you go with. This includes your customized consultation, images of just you, with daddy or other children, the creative processing of your images one CD and your portrait viewing. Payment plans are available to help with your portrait investment.

Where will the pictures be taken?
Infinity Image & Design has a studio and is also available for on-location sessions.

What will I do with these portraits?
Most of my clients display these images as wall portraits in the nursery or bedroom. You’ll most likely be documenting everything during your baby’s first year and these portraits are a great way to start your “baby’s first year” photo album. Clients also use these portraits as baby shower invites or thank you cards.

What should I wear?
For bottoms, I suggest a pair of your pre-pregnancy jeans (no need to button, you’ll fold them over), maternity jeans or black yoga pants. Cute dresses that the accentuate the belly are also nice. Tops should be snug fitting to show the belly’s roundness. Button up tops are also good to leave the belly exposed. If your significant other has a white or black button up shirt even better! For a more intimate look, negligees and matching bra and panty sets can be worn. I also have various wraps and tops for the session so don’t worry if you’re having a hard time finding outfits.

What about hair and makeup?
Hair and makeup should be done for this session, either by you or a professional stylist. Hair should be left down, either strait or curled. For makeup, foundation, light blush, light eyes, topped off with a pale lip gloss looks best.

Can my boyfriend/husband/children be in the pictures?
Absolutely. Dad should have coordinating outfits (jeans, plain t-shirts, button up shirts,etc.) as well as be comfortable with removing his shirt for some of the images if you’d like a more intimate feel to your portraits. For children coordinate their outfits with yours as well.

Will the pictures be in black and white or color?
Every image is shot in color. During post processing, I add filters to the images I feel need to be in black and white, sepia, etc. If you wish to have all your images in black and white or sepia, I can do so. However, if I’ve turned an image black and white this is typically because we shot the image specifically for this.

I have stretchmarks and feel fluffy?
No problem. I am highly skilled in removing stretchmarks, blemishes, as well as a digital liposuction tool for those who are a little self-conscious about their bump.

As always, I’m here every step of the way to answer any questions you might have about the session, clothing suggestions and more. I do feature articles on our website and blog that help to answer general questions but feel free to call me if you need further help.

If you know someone who is expecting please share with them our website so they too can capture one of a kind maternity portraits!

portrait investment

Infinity Image offers a several digital options, including a semi-retouched CD of your full session or fully retouched digital files. If you’d like professionally printed images of your session, you can add them onto one of the digital packages. If you have any questions or need something that isn’t listed, please use the contact page to send an email, or call/text the number listed in the upper right corner.


1.5 hours of coverage (in studio or on location)

* Digital Package Purchase Required


  • 30 minutes of coverage (in-studio)
  • Your choice of:
  1.  6 images fully retouched on CD
  2.  Images from session semi-retouched on CD (20 – 45)

*Additional images $30 each fully retouched.


  • 7 – 12 (15 minute) progression sessions with 1 image from each session on CD and in album.
  • Suggested sessions are: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 38 weeks & possibly 40 weeks if you make it.
  • 45 minute full maternity session.
  • (8) images fully retouched on CD  from maternity session.
  • 8×10 maternity experience book with images from sessions.
  • Digital pregnancy announcement image.

*Additional images $30 each fully retouched.
*Add semi-retouched session CD for an additional $95 per session


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