senior portrait tips

What is your photographic style?
Portrait sessions are slightly posed and are focused on the genuine and natural smiles by capturing portraits in an unstructured and spontaneous manner with a touch of traditional posing.

Where will the sessions be taken?
Sessions are scheduled at a local park, the beach, downtown Spokane or Coeur d’ Alene, or at a favorite location of yours. Location sessions need to be within (30 minutes of Spokane or a travel fee will be charged at an additional rate of $25+).

How do I book a session?
Sessions are typically booked on Fridays and Saturdays, but other arrangements can be made if that doesn’t work for you. Please contact the studio to book your customized consultation so I can be sure to provide you with the best experience possible. A deposit of $95 is required at your consultation in order to reserve your desired appointment. This will be subtracted from the total cost of your package. Sessions may be rescheduled for outdoor sessions only if it’s raining or snowing, or an additional fee may be assessed.

How can I prepare for a photo session?
During your consultation, I  will discuss clothing suggestions, location options, how to prepare for your session, and answers to other frequently asked questions. I am also in constant contact with you every step of the way and am available during the week to answer questions or give you guidance throughout your portrait journey.

How much should I expect to invest?
Infinity Image’s packages are $295 for senior sessions. This includes your consultation, session, the creative processing of your images and your portrait viewing. Several additional items such as greeting cards, photo gifts, photo jewelry and more are available for displaying your beautiful portraits. As always I offer easy payment plans to help my clients afford professional portraits.

Will the pictures be in black and white or color?
Every image is shot in color. During post processing, I add filters to the images I feel need to be in black and white, sepia, etc. If you wish to have all your images in black and white or sepia, I can do so. However, if I’ve turned an image black and white this is typically because I shot the image specifically for this and a color option is not available.

What happens after the pictures are taken?
After your session I will discuss available dates for your viewing session. This is typically held the following week after your pictures are taken at our studio. You will be presented with artistic suggestions for your images. The entire process is catered to you, making your experience an easy and pleasant one.

As always, I’m here every step of the way to answer any questions you might have about the session, clothing suggestions and more. I do feature articles on the blog that help to answer general questions but feel free to call the studio if you need further help.

blog that help to answer general questions but feel free to call the studio if you need further help.

Our gift to you
All of our seniors receive a family session at 20% off with their order. You’ll be going away to college and your parents are going to want one last family photo before you go. These family sessions are booked between November through March of your senior year.

Know your body shape
Petite women should avoid chunky clothes and strong prints. Instead go for fitted shapes and soft fabrics, narrow belts, subtle contrasts of color and texture. Keep everything streamlined so as not to cut the body in half. Busty women should wear eye-catching skirts (shorter if you are comfortable) and trousers, strong prints and colors or textures draw the eye away from the top half of the body. Wearing a single block of color is thinning. Avoid eye-catching tops, instead wear long jackets that draw the eye down. Darker colored tops which are loose fitting and waist hugging are more flattering. Pear shaped women should love vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits up the side, and straight A-line skirts to just below the knee. Tops should hang past the hips. Classic cuts on top in lighter colors draw the eye away from the hips. Accent the V-neck with a V or Y- shaped necklace. Tall women should avoid tight clothes. Wear the right skirt length, too short or too long will be out of proportion. As with petite women, keep everything streamlined, wear blouses over trousers so as not to shorten your top half. Rectangular women should wear pattern. Feminine knit sweaters over skirts are great. Wear a round neckline and mirror it with a round necklace or scarf.

Dress to suit your personality
Rock chick – accessorize and clash a little but keep it feminine. Urban chic – take advantage of the wonderful high street fashion, stunning yet simple. Sporty – Layer trendy casual clothes. Artsy – Take the contemporary fashion and add a dash of your own personality to spice things up. Sexy – Sensual fabrics, curvy and delicious with a splash of color and scent. Retro chic – Great accessories, and a flare for those classic, all time looks. Romantic – Classic cuts, tailoring and soft colors, lace, embroidery and pearls.

The right accessories can make all the difference
V and Y- shaped necklaces draw the eye down. Round necklaces fill the neckline. Ultra long earrings elongate the neck. A long, trailing belt elongates the legs. The right hat can make an outfit. Cocktail rings add fun and color and a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit. Scarves can be artsy – A matching jewelry set can bring an outfit together.

Wake up to make up
Make your eyes sparkle with a contrasting eye shadow. Open out the eye by highlighting down the middle of the lid. Use black for a dramatic look, use gray for smoky eyes with a delicate pink lipstick. Choose a red lipstick for a classic look but choose one close to your own natural color for precision. When creating bold eyes, keep paler lips. When choosing red lipstick do paler eyes. Use the color palettes made up by the manufactures instead of matching your own eye shadow tones. Blend the colors well.

We want you to love your portraits so we’ve compiled a list of tips so that you can get the most out of your senior portraits.

Bring a Dress Shirt or Dark Sweater, some schools want you to wear a tie, so better bring it. Then after that exciting image, we’ll capture pictures that actually represent YOU. So be sure to also pack some t-shirts, distressed jeans, sweatshirts and jackets. Don’t forget the shoes, they can make or break a photo. Make sure your shoes are worn out, dirty, etc. for your portraits.

Props help tell who you are. Some props guys have had in their portraits are their car, guitar or other musical instrument, sports stuff, iPod, etc.

Don’t cut your hair the day before, cut it a week or two before the shoot so it has time to relax and look more natural.

And lastly, bring any ideas you have, and if you have none we have a ton so no worries.

Your senior portraits should be a reflection of you so we suggest bringing a few props that can help portray your personality. Some suggestions include: – Pompoms in your favorite team’s colors – Pets (Ask your photographer if this is alright with them when you schedule your session) – Siblings/friend (We offer a fun and discounted friend session when you both book your session with Infinity) – Sports equipment – Almost any activity or hobby has some kind of prop that can be used in your senior portraits. (i.e. if you like music, bring your iPod or if you’re into drawing, bring your sketchpad).

Do your research on photographers in your area. Look at samples and talk to friends that have used different photographers. Having your portraits done by the wrong photographer for you can be a huge waste of your time and money. Make sure that you understand the information given to you by the photographer to avoid time wasting mishaps and misunderstandings. Arrive early for your session. This will give you time to orient yourself, and it also prevents you from feeling rushed or stressed. Stress will show in your portraits. Also, if your photographer is running ahead of schedule, they may be able to photograph you sooner. Plan your outfits, hair, and make up in advance. Be sure to bring several different options so that your photographer can coordinate your outfits with the various backgrounds. Plan the sequence of your outfits in a logical manner. For example: group your outfits with like hairstyles together, if you’re wanting your hair up for some and down for others. Arrive for your shoot with your hair and makeup done and dressed in the first outfit that you want to be photographed in. Bring some photos that you like to show to the photographer so that he or she can get a good idea of your style. Girls, don’t bother with nylons. They will will make your legs look fake in your portraits and are a pain to put on. If you want to look tan for your portraits, we suggest tanning for a few weeks before your session or scheduling a spray tan a few days before. Always remember to not overdue it, you don’t want to come out looking fake.

Darker, solid colors tend to be the most slimming if you’re worried about your shape. Your eye will be attracted to bright color first, so you will look larger. Try not to let your top and pants contrast too much. This creates a horizontal line at your middle, making you appear shorter and wider.

Large, bold patterns give the illusion that you are larger. Horizontal stripes are an absolute no if you are worried about your body shape. Medium sized patterns can be camouflaging and vertical stripes have a lengthening effect. Make sure that the material isn’t too clingy though. Once the stripes are distorted, their slimming effect is lost.

Shiny and sparkly materials will make you appear larger. Instead, opt for a matte fabric and add jewelry.

Keep in mind that sleeveless tops typically don’t photograph as well as short, ¾ sleeve or long sleeve shirts. For girls, we do recommend wearing a cami/tank top that goes with all of your outfits for easy changing of your shirt outside.

Extra long necklaces create a longer line, creating a visually pleasing look versus short necklaces or choker necklaces.

Hair should be worn down to begin with. If you wish to have hair pulled up, back, or to wear a hat, those poses will be saved for the end of your session.

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