SOFIA – Spokane newborn photographer

Little Sofia is such a sweetheart that is one of the top 10, most expressive, babies I’ve had the pleasure of photographing newborn portraits of. Usually with newborn portrait sessions, the babies go to sleep right away and rock the session and we’re done in 2 hours, or they wait an hour or two to get into the deep sleep and then we’re done in about 2 hours after getting them to sleep, creating a 3-4 hour session. With baby Sofia, she was “milk drunk” upon arriving, making her session go super fast and finishing in just under 2 hours. I’m guessing the milk coma was giving her some pretty good dreams since she gave me a ton of super cute expressions including adorable smiles. One of my favorites is of her Daddy holding her. She gave me such a sweet smile for that one, it just melted my heart. Being a newborn photographer, you always hope for smiles, but it’s not really something one can make a week old baby do, so when you’re lucky enough to get one, you feel like you’ve just won the lottery! Another favorite is of her Mommy holding her. I mean HOLY COW is she gorgeous and then you add this sweet, beautiful baby and it’s just AMAZING, and one of my favorite newborn portraits ever! While it was hard to pick a favorite individual image of Sofia, I must say I’m in love with the images on the peach blanket, she’s just perfectly posed, and rocking a precious expression in them. So take a few minutes and check out sweet Sofia’s newborn session. If you’re expecting a new baby, give me a call and let’s chat about what you envision for capturing this special moment in your life.

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